Silent Key memorial Contest

Objective: To remember our Silent Key ham friends.
Time and date: 1st November 0600 UTC to 0859 UTC every year.
Mode: CW only
Contest call: CQ SKM
Bands: 80m and 40m (3510-3560 kHz and 7000-7040 kHz in IARU Region 1, other frequencies accordingly in other regions)
Exchange: RST + a „Silent Key” call sign to remember in this contest; (e.g: 599 HA6NA, 599 YT7MM, 599 DJ7AW). The same report is to be sent during the whole contest. Next time you can make your choice again.

  • Single operator LP (max 100 watts)
  • Single operator HP (more than 100 watts)
  • Multi operator HP (more than 100 watts)
  • Only one signal may be transmitted at a time.

QSO points: every valid QSO is 1 point.
Multipliers: Total sum of worked "Silent Key" callsigns per band. There may be stations choosing the same "Silent Key" callsign for their report. The same „Silent Key” callsign logged from different stations counts only once per band as multiplier.
Final score: Sum of QSO points multiplied by sum of valid multipliers results in the final score.
Awarding: All participants receive an electronic diploma.
Logs: Cabrillo format is accepted only. Log upload on the website: (In the „Log Upload” menu)

Log submission deadline: 15th November

Many Silent Key callsigns have been reissued up to now. The active stations having an earlier SK callsign can join the contest and they can choose their own callsign as their report to remember the SK predecessor.